Chimney Flashing


Your chimney flashing’s main purpose is to prevent water from leaking into the home where your chimney meets your roofline. Over time flashing can begin to deteriorate or pull away from the chimney, causing a water leak into the home. Whether you have masonry chimney, a sided chimney, or pipe that vents your fireplace and/or appliances, flashing is an important level of protection in preventing water damage to the home.

Types Of Flashing:

Step Flashing: Step flashing is the flashing that is incorporated into the shingle. The step flashing we install is fabricated from 24GA, firestone prefinished steel. The flashing is woven in with the shingles or roofing material to provide protection to the seem between the chimney and the roofline.

Counter Flashing: Counter flashing is applied to the side of the chimney. With masonry construction, the counter flashing is generally ground into the masonry structure to provide protection against water from leaking between the chimney and flashing.

Chimney Crickets: Chimney Crickets or Chimney Saddle are required when the chimney width that is parallel to the ridgeline is more than 30 inches, as long as the chimney does not intersect the ridgeline. The Chimney Cricket allows water to divert around the chimney, vs into the back-side of the chimney allowing water to sit along the back of the chimney which can cause moisture issues to the chimney itself and potential leaks.

Pipe Flashing: Whether your have a b-vent or other fireplace ventilation systems that are vented through the roofline via chimney pipe, galvanized flashing is installed around the base of the venting pipe, and woven into the shingles to prevent water leakage around the chimney pipe.

Recommended Repair:

Flash-Seal is recommended when your chimney flashing is still in decent condition, but is starting to pull away from the chimney. It is applied to reseal the flashing to the chimney to prevent leakage and extend the life of your currently installed flashing.

Flashing Replacement is recommended when Flash-Seal will not correct the issues with your chimney flashing. Our crew will set up safety equipment to access the chimney safely. Remove chimney flashing and shingles from around the base of the chimney. They will then install new Ice and Water Shield to protect Provide and install new Ice and Water at the base of the chimney. Wrapping up the base of the chimney. Providing and installing new flashing as needed. Once installed they will tie in and patch in new shingles, into your existing shingle with the best possible shingle match.

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