Chimney Rebuilding

When it comes to your home, you want to make sure everything is constructed properly according to all local building codes. Pratt’s Professional Chimney Service is dedicated to building you a chimney that will not only add curb appeal to your home, but will also last through the harsh climates we are accustomed to.

We proudly give you the security in knowing that your chimney and fireplace are properly constructed for years to come. We have rebuilt many chimneys throughout the years and will educate you on proper construction and go over many common mistakes others make while rebuilding a chimney.

We will ensure you that when construction is complete, your chimney will run as efficient and safe as possible.

Chimney Rebuild: 

When your chimney is beyond the point where tuckpointing will remedy the deterioration to the chimney or a structural issue is evident, our technicians and masons may recommend removing the chimney down as needed. They will then rebuild the chimney back up either to the original height or to code, using the best possible material match available. Forms are placed at the top of the new masonry chimney, and a concrete crown is poured. Our concrete crowns overhang the masonry chimney, allowing an added level of protection for the masonry structure below. Upon completion a waterproofing agent called ChimSaver will be applied to the masonry to help protect the brick/stone. 

Chimney Removal: 

In some instances removing the chimney entirely may be recommended. This is often seen with masonry appliance chimneys that have either been abandoned or are deteriorating due to both internal and external conditions. If there are existing appliances venting into the chimney, we will often recommend removing the chimney down below the roofline, relining the flue with stainless steel, and connecting to bvent to extend out of the roof to code. Eliminating the risk of future deterioration, and providing a much more low maintenance ventilation system. 

Should the chimney be completely void of anything venting into the structure, it is often recommended to remove the chimney down below the roofline, and to patch the roof to avoid future water damage from a failing masonry chimney.

Chimney Masonry Repair

We here at Pratt’s are both blessed with skilled technicians as well as Masonry crews who are able to assist when masonry chimney repairs arise. From routine maintenance such as tuckpointing, to larger issues caused by weather or high levels of deterioration, we are able to provide a solution that will last for years to come. 


Rain, snow, and ice all take a toll on your chimney. You may notice that the mortar joints between the brick or stone of your chimney are starting to deteriorate, flake off, discolor, or are crumbling. 

Tuckpointing of the chimney removes the “bad” portion of mortar, and replaces it with new. This strengthens the chimney, and can help reduce the risk of additional damage caused by a chimney leak. Our crews work to find the best possible mortar match to your existing chimney, and will often recommend Waterproofing after Tuckpointing is performed to help reduce the impact moisture has on the masonry chimney. It is important not to delay repair to these routine repairs, to avoid a larger more costly masonry issue. 

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