Tuck-pointing is needed when the mortar holding brick or stone has deteriorated and cracked allowing water penetration into the chimney. When you have your chimney tuck-pointed it is important that all mortar joints (space between the brick/stone) are first ground out one inch and loose mortar is removed. This will allow the new mortar to properly bond to the old brick and mortar. If the bond of the brick or stone has completely separated, tuck-pointing repairs will not last. If this is the case the chimney must be rebuilt.

Chimney Masonry Repair

Give our office a call to schedule your free estimate for all of your Chimney Masonry Repair needs! 

We here at Pratt’s are both blessed with skilled technicians as well as Masonry crews who are able to assist when masonry chimney repairs arise. From routine maintenance such as tuckpointing, to larger issues caused by weather or high levels of deterioration, we are able to provide a solution that will last for years to come. 

 Rain, snow, and ice all take a toll on your chimney. You may notice that the mortar joints between the brick or stone of your chimney are starting to deteriorate, flake off, discolor, or are crumbling. 

Tuckpointing of the chimney removes the “bad” portion of mortar, and replaces it with new. This strengthens the chimney, and can help reduce the risk of additional damage caused by a chimney leak. Our crews work to find the best possible mortar match to your existing chimney, and will often recommend Waterproofing after tuckpointing is performed to help reduce the impact moisture has on the masonry chimney. It is important not to delay repair to these routine repairs, to avoid a larger more costly masonry issue. 


Water is one of the most detrimental elements your chimney faces. Causing over a billion dollars in repair costs annually, it is important to protect and prevent damage to your masonry chimney. Moisture absorbed into the brick or stone can cause spalling, discoloration from efflorescence, and insulation and structural failure.

When we repair or come into contact with a masonry chimney, we will recommend the masonry chimney to be waterproofed with a 100% vapor permeable, water-based, and environmentally friendly waterproofing agent. We use a water repellent vs. a sealant, as we want the brick or stone to be able to maintain it’s vapor permeability, allowing moisture to leave the masonry while preventing absorption at the exterior. The product goes on clear, does not induce a sheen on the masonry, however when exposed to rain allows the water to bead off of the chimney.

Give our office a call to schedule your free estimate for all of your Chimney Masonry Repair needs!

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